Dredging in Cork Harbour - Sept to Oct 2017

Dredging in Cork Harbour - Sept to Oct 2017

Thursday 07 September 2017

September 2017

Dredging in Cork Harbour

Maintenance Dredging will be taking place in Cork Harbour on all main shipping channels and berths, commencing 15th September 2017. Dredging is a necessary process undertaken periodically in the Port of Cork with a major campaign scheduled at three yearly intervals to remove sediment and natural deposition on the river bed. Dredging is required to maintain the required depth for commercial and other vessels navigating the waters of Cork Harbour. It is expected that dredging will be completed by mid-October.

Minimal disruption is expected during the campaign. For any queries or issues, please contact info@portofcork.ie / 021 4273125.