The former Irish Fertiliser Industries (IFI) site at Marino Point was acquired by Belvelly Marino
Development Co. DAC (BMDC) in 2017.

BMDC is a Public Private Partnership between Lanber Holdings and the Port of Cork Company
(POCC). BMDC acquired the land with a view to redeveloping the site in line with the existing
port-related industrial zoning objective for Marino Point.

Since 2017, BMDC have developed an overall master plan for the site, referred to as the Belvelly
Port Facility
. An application for site development works at Belvelly Port Facility has been lodged
with Cork County Council (Ref 19/6783).

Goulding wish to relocate their operations currently located at Cork Docklands to the Belvelly
Port Facility. In parallel with the relocation of Goulding’s operations, BMDC are proposing
additional use of the existing jetty at the Belvelly Port Facility for general dry cargo vessels.

As Goulding’s relocation and BMDC additional use of the jetty are to happen within the same
timeline, a joint planning application, EIAR and NIS are being prepared.