Survival Dependent on Access to World Markets

Survival Dependent on Access to World Markets

Wednesday 20 October 2010

‘Achieving success is indeed very challenging, however we must succeed, and failure is not an option in the current climate.’ This was the message from Mr. Brendan Keating, Chief Executive Port of Cork Company at a recent corporate lunch in support of St Luke’s Home. While commenting on the efficiency of businesses and how survival in Ireland today is dependent on access to world markets, Mr Keating highlighted the demands of the Port of Cork as a reliable component of this seamless transport chain in business.

He said: ‘A pre requisite today in attracting foreign direct investment and jobs for our own people, is an efficient transport system, of which the Ports are central. So, we have moved from being a location for cargo between land and sea transport, to being a dynamic mode in International production and distribution networks.’

The Port of Cork, like other major Ports on the island such as Dublin, Belfast, is the life blood of trade and plays a significant role in Irelands economic well being. Ireland’s Island and peripheral status requires us to have Ports that allow goods to be traded at the lowest cost and as quickly as possible.

He continued: ‘Like every other institution dependent on commercial success for its survival, the Port of Cork is acutely aware of all these realities. There has to be concern now that some of the commentary and perspective that informs debate at present is very destructive of our capacity to respond to our difficulties. I am strongly of the view point that businesses in Ireland have shown themselves to be resilient in the face of very difficult banking and international trading conditions.’

The Port of Cork plays a key role in the area of commerce, logistics, navigation and the management and promotion of marine leisure and recreational activities in Cork Harbour and is the second largest Port in the State. A profitable, successful and efficient company the Port of Cork makes a significant contribution towards the economic development of the Cork region and the Irish economy.

Mr. Keating concluded by saying: ‘I am strongly of the belief that the Port of Cork is a critical part of the infrastructure that will drive economic recovery, not just for the city but also for the region and the country. Competitiveness of our nation is fundamental to economic recovery.


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