Frequently Asked Questions




Does the transport company (driver) communicate with the Agent as normal?
  • Yes, Export Units must be Booked In to the terminal as per normal procedure.
  • Release PINs and Customs Clearance for Imports are required as normal.
How is Out of Gauge (OOG) Cargo collected or delivered?
  • Import OOG – collection is by prior arrangement through the Agent with the Terminal.
  • Export OOG –  the truck does NOT need to use the new Check In area and arrival of Export OOG must be indicated to the terminal in advance through the Agent so lift of unit can be arranged / scheduled.
What if I am a new Driver and don’t have a Port of Cork ID Card?
  • New drivers should drive to the kiosk and make contact with the attendant who will be able to issue a Temporary Card for your visit.


Where is the new Gate Check In Area?
  • It is opposite the Container Terminal and indicated by signage.
  • Check In takes place on site and on completion of Check In the truck will be directed to the Terminal Gate where the containers are collected or delivered by the Straddle Carrier.
What are the Self Service Kiosks?
  • There are 3 self Service Kiosks which are activated by swiping the driver Port of Cork ID card at the RFID reader.
  • The driver can follow the prompts on the screen in order to process the export or import container.
What happens if the driver arrives and the container is not booked in?
  • The driver will be directed to the Problem Resolution Area where the matter can be addressed and rectified with the Agent / Transport Company.
What happens if the Import PIN is incorrect or invalid?
  • The driver will be directed to the Problem Resolution Area where the matter can be addressed and rectified with the Agent / Transport Company.
What happens if the driver needs assistance?
  • The Check In area is manned and assistance can be provided. There is a call button / intercom at each kiosk should assistance be required.
  • During the introduction of the new system terminal personnel will assist the drivers at the kiosk and provide assistance and instruction.


What happens after Check In?
  • The truck will enter a waiting area, in succession as a truck leaves the terminal another truck will be released from the waiting area.
How does this work?
  • Trucks will be released at the barrier and drivers should adhere to the traffic light at the barrier which will prompt the driver as required.
  • After the barrier the driver must proceed directly to the Terminal Gate In (300m).


How does the driver enter the Terminal and what happens next?
  • There are 2 waiting positions outside the Terminal Gate.
  • When the driver arrives at the barrier the Port of Cork ID card must be swiped at the RFID reader. This will permit the barrier to open and allow access.
  • The driver will enter one of four truck stop positions and will be serviced by Straddle Carrier.
  • The driver must stand by the cab of the truck and be visible to the Straddle Carrier driver.
What if the driver notices damage to a container or needs assistance?
  • The Operations Office is manned in the area and assistance can be provided as normal.


What happens at the Gate Out Barrier?
  • The driver will swipe the Port of Cork ID Card at the Gate Out kiosk card reader.