Guidelines To Be Followed For All Marine Leisure Events

  • Please give seven days notice of any event.
  • A copy of the event safety plan should be sent to our office seven days prior to the event date, by email or post. Marked for the attention of the Harbour Master.
  • List the contact details of the event organiser and primary contact person.
  • The event must have insurance cover and proof of cover may be requested to be furnished.
  • List the support agencies involved, their contact details and the type of support that is to be provided.
  • Prior to the start of the event, call port operations and give details of the route, number of participants, the number, type, size, colour and means of identification of the safety boat.
  • Inform Port operations of your working VHF Channel
  • Port Operations VHF channel 12, 24hrs. Phone Number 021 4811380
  • The safety boat should have a fixed vhf radio onboard capable of transmitting and receiving broadcasts for the full harbour area. VHF Channel 12 must be monitored at all times by the safety boat.
  • There may-be occasions or “black spots” in which VHF communications are unreliable, in such cases the lead safety boat should phone port operations on 021 4811380 to relay their position.
  • A system to monitor the position of the safety boat in the harbour should be carried on the boat; there are a variety of plotters/GPS systems currently available.
  • The safety boat should be fitted with a radar reflector.
  • All persons involved in marine leisure activities should comply with the requirements of the “Maritime Safety Act 2005” a copy can be downloaded from the Department of Transports website, under the marine section.
  • Download a full shipping list prior to the start of the event from our website “”

As a recommendation, the primary safety boat engaged should have a class B “AIS” transponder fitted. This will allow Port Operations to track the progress of the safety boat at all times. Should visibility be reduced at any time during the event, port operations can easily locate the safety boat.

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