Port History

The Cork Harbour Commissioners were in existence for almost 183 years from 21st September 1814 to 3rd March 1997. In 1904 the Harbour Commissioners moved into Custom House on Custom House Quay and built an extension to the building which consisted of the elegant boardroom and overhead offices.

Following the Harbours Act in 1996, all re-valued assets of the Commissioners were transferred to the Port of Cork Company, the new statutory authority responsible for the management, control, operation and development of the Port of Cork in accordance with the Harbours Act 1996. The Port of Cork remains situated in Custom House.

Cork was the first port in Ireland to set up a planning and development department. By 1972 this produced the Cork Harbour Development Plan in which a blueprint was designed for a future which would include sites such as that at Ringaskiddy.

The Port of Cork has maintained for longer than the last half-century its role as a strategic authority with a vastly important regional role. It has also established strong and productive links with the European Commission and with other port authorities around the world.

The Harbours Act of 1996 changed its relationship with the national government but it continues to work with the Department of Transport, so that, while a significant economic entity itself it maintains a national profile in terms of strategic planning.

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