Tivoli Container Terminal Gate System


In mid August a new Gate System will be commenced at Tivoli Terminal which will change the existing Gate-In & Gate-Out procedure. The exchange of information that took place at the Gatehouse window will now be conducted at an adjacent Gate Check-In area. Trucks that have been processed correctly will only then enter the Container Terminal Gate and straddle carrier area.

The objective of the new system is to prepare for the future terminal operations and improve information exchange at the terminal.

Main Differences
  • Gate Check-In will take place at a new area - NOT at the physical Gate-In to terminal.
  • New cards will be issued to all drivers to enable use with the new system.
  • Cards MUST be in possession of the driver during each visit to terminal and will require to be swiped at kiosks.
  • Temporary cards will be issued to non – regular drivers.
  • Trucks will pass through a camera portal (recording licence plate, container damage and seal presence). Out of Gauge loads will not transit this portal and will be processed through agent liaison with Terminal Administration in advance.
  • 3 Self Service Kiosks will provide means to enter container details & PIN numbers. Collection & Deliveries will be possible on same visit as normal and system will prompt driver for details. The screen will be activated when the driver swipes the new card.
  • The Gate Check-In area will be manned. Instruction and assistance will be provided to the drivers when the new gate check-in area opens.
  • Drivers in possession of stamped customs clearance slips should call into the Gatehouse so they can be updated ahead of proceeding to the Gate Check-In area.
  • Errors such as unit not being booked in, PIN not valid / incorrect, container not on stock or not customs cleared will be made known to the driver. Issues can be resolved in the adjacent problem resolution parking area.
  • Once correct data is entered at the kiosk - the truck will be permitted to enter the waiting area. A constant flow of trucks from the waiting area to the terminal will operate.
  • Drivers leaving the Waiting area should proceed direct to the Container Terminal Gate-In.
  • At the Container Terminal Gate-In the driver will again swipe the new card at the barrier.
  • At the Container Terminal Gate-Out the driver will again swipe the new card.
  • New driver cards will be distributed in the coming weeks for current drivers presently held on our database.
  • The continued use of the on line portal (portal.portofcork.ie) is recommended to ensure units are booked in, customs cleared, available etc. Further updates are planned to improve information from this means.
  • Further liaison with transport companies will commence shortly.