As part of an on-going commitment to a safe working environment, The Port of Cork Company (PoCC) is putting a spotlight on port and workplace safety during Irish Port Safety Week. 

The Port authorities of Ireland have joined together through the Irish Ports Safety Forum

(IPSF) to host and promote the third annual Irish Port Safety Week, which is taking place this week from October 23rd to 27th 2023. The Port of Cork Company is working closely with the Irish Ports Safety Forum to highlight and enhance collective safety responsibility and awareness among all port stakeholders.

The Irish Port Safety Week dates of 2023 have been selected to follow European Safety Week. All ports nationally have been invited to participate with different collaborative events planned at each port daily. The Port of Cork Company series of events and exercises include rescue and evacuation drills, CPR and AED (Defib) training, and talks on nutrition and wellbeing. 

JoAnn Salmon, Safety & Quality Systems Manager at the Port of Cork Company, said: “Safety is always our top priority for people working in and around the port and quays, as well as for the general public. This week is an opportunity for us all to work together – from machine operators to crane drivers and equipment maintainers – to ensure everyone stays safe and healthy while working at the port. Together, we aim to enhance safety, well-being, and overall performance for all staff during their duties, while also addressing ongoing safety concerns for those working within or visiting an active port.”

The chair of the Irish Ports Safety Forum, John Carlton said, “This week is an opportunity for the port authorities and their stakeholders to promote a culture of safety in the workplace with the objective of improving safety and performance in the port sector, share experiences and knowledge in order to drive continual improvement in eliminating accidents at work. Events organised across the ports will be open to all port stakeholders and the participating ports are inviting and encouraging as many people as possible to get involved with the objective of improving the safety and welfare of all port workers.”

As outlined in the company’s Safety, Health, Environment, Energy & Quality Policy, PoCC strives to prevent work related injury and ill health to its workers, providing safe and healthy workplaces and recognising that efficient occupational health and safety arrangements enable staff to work smarter and less stressfully. Irish Port Safety Week is supported by the H.S.A. (Health and Safety Authority), who have various guidance and advice available to Port stakeholders on the H.S.A. website,

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