Two Cruise Ships in Cork Harbour

Booking Policy Cruise Vessels

Booking Policy Cruise Vessels

Please note that the Port of Cork Company is changing the “first booked” policy for cruise vessel bookings commencing 1st January 2019.

Due to the operational, logistical and safety, requirements necessary to cater for passenger vessels, with large numbers of passengers onboard, Cobh Cruise Berth will be allocated, as a priority, to vessels with passenger numbers of 2500 or more.

When two vessels, with passenger numbers in excess of 2500, are booked for the same day, the rule of “first booked” will apply.  A backstop date for reservations (reservations are set and vessels will not be moved other than for reasons of safety) will apply 15 months before 1st January of the applicable year.

Maximum Number of Bookings on a Single Day (normally 4 vessels) – Available Berths
  •          Cobh Berth x1                                    LOA 360m
  •          Ringaskiddy Berth x1                       LOA 350m
  •          Cork Berth x1                                     LOA 145m Draft ≤7.5m
  •          Anchorage x 1                                    LOA 200m Draft ≤8.5m (Tendering)

The Port may accept a 5th booking, for a city centre berth, the vessel size limitation is:

  •            LOA 130m Draft ≤6.5m

⃰ (Anchorage) the operator must apply for “permission to tender” prior to the arrival date of the vessel.  The tender permission is granted from the Department of Transport and must be sought via the cruise company’s appointed agent.

The primary location, offered for passenger turnarounds, is Ringaskiddy.  The terminal building has permanent and modern facilities for check-in and baggage screening.  Vessels will berth in Ringaskiddy, or, the Ferry Terminal if feasible.  Other Port areas may be utilised for turnarounds but will be considered on a case, by case, basis.  Applicable turn-around charges will apply.

Cancellation Charges:  Should a vessel cancel a confirmed scheduled call, after January 1st of the arrival year, the cancellation charge shall be 30% of the full port charges.  Except for reason of force majeure.

“While best efforts will always be made to accommodate vessels at their preferred berth the Port of Cork reserves the right to allocate an alternative berth, to any vessel, for operational or safety reasons.”

Harbour Master
Port of Cork Company

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