Safety, Health, Environment, Energy and Quality




The Port of Cork Company (POCC) consider high standards in occupational health and safety, environment, energy and quality management of paramount importance in the ports of Cork and Bantry.

POCC are committed to the provision of quality service to our customers and the maintenance of innovative and effective safety, health, environment and energy management systems. In an environment where safety, health and welfare are promoted, and risks are comprehensively assessed and mitigated, we strive to prevent work-related injury and ill health to our workers, provide safe and healthy workplaces and recognise that efficient occupational health and safety arrangements enable staff to work smarter and less stressfully.

POCC is committed to leading the wider port community to minimise environmental impacts and ensure energy efficiency through coordinated environmental management, reducing  CO2 emissions and conserving natural resources respecting the principles of environmental sustainability and corporate social responsibility.



Safety, Health, Environment, Energy and Quality

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Booking Policy Cruise Liners

Booking Policy Cruise Vessels POCC

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Incident Management

Port of Cork Incident Management

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