Port Operations

The Port of Cork’s facilities and operations are situated at four distinct locations in Cork’s natural deep water harbour. The Port provides and facilitates port activities and services including Roll-On Roll-Off, Lift-On Lift-Off, Bulks, Cruise, Pilotage, Channel Dredging and Land and Property Rental.

The Port of Cork has extensive experience in handling all types of bulk cargoes such as, liquid bulk, dry bulk and break bulk. All of the bulk cargo is handled at our Deepwater facility in Ringaskiddy and the City Quays.

Panamax size vessels can be accommodated at the Deep Water Berth in Ringaskiddy. Using modern cargo handling equipment the Port has a reputation for high output, while maintaining our environmental standards under ISO 140001.

Various project cargoes, such as Wind Turbines, Power station components, and Out of Gauge factory components are handled at our Ringaskiddy facility on a regular basis.

The Port of Cork operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

Location Service
City Quays Bulks
Tivoli Lift-On Lift-Off
Roll-On Roll-Off
Ringaskiddy Roll-On Roll-Off
Lift-On Lift-Off
Cobh Cruise

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