Statement Deepwater Quay in Cobh.

The Port of Cork Company wishes to emphasise that it does not have any short term or long term objective, or indeed aspiration, to close public access to the Deepwater Quay in Cobh.

We understand and recognise that our valued local community have crossed the quay for many years and we have no intention to disrupt this tradition and way of life. We also deeply value the warm quayside welcome afforded to the thousands of tourists who visit Cobh and the Cork region each year.

Please rest assured that quayside safety restrictions are only implemented for very short periods when it is absolutely necessary, e.g. in adverse weather conditions and/or when the safety risks cannot be adequately mitigated. We are committed to careful consideration for the needs of the community and endeavour to ensure that any temporary restrictions are communicated in advance.

We can confirm that legal proceedings were initiated back in 2019 in response to a number of regrettable incidents at that time, which gave rise to safety concerns for our staff, the public and passengers.

Again, the Port of Cork wishes to emphasise that we welcome and actively encourage our local community to continue to enjoy the quay.

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