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The Port of Cork is responsible for both ferry passengers and cruise passengers arriving and departing from Cork. On average over 100,000 passengers and crew visit Cork through the Port of Cork each year. These high visitor numbers contribute greatly to the local economy and provide much needed employment in Cork and the region.

The Port of Cork work with a number of local tourism organizations aimed at promoting Cork’s natural harbour and the surrounding region and facilitating the efficient movement of people to and from the port.

Overall Contribution of Tourist Spending

It is estimated the contribution made to the country by other expenditures incurred by ferry and cruise liner visitors and by crewmembers using the Port of Cork as their access point in 2007. The overall contribution is €125.0 million and 698 FTE jobs. This level of contribution to the tourist industry indicates the importance of maintaining and maximising this type of traffic for the port region. The largest contribution is from ferry passengers who contribute €81.5 million and 486 FTE jobs.

Cruise liner passengers contribute €40.9 million and 197 FTE jobs. While crew accounted for €3.0 million and 15 FTE jobs. Click on’ Useful Links for local information on Cork and the surrounding area.

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